the brief

The Landscape of Radio With the increasing ‘ubiquitous’ use of wireless communications, the physical world is filling up with bubbles of radio waves, from massive GSM, 3G and wifi networks to tiny RFID pinging out their ID numbers. Each of these invisible bubbles offers a set of functions or services, from talking on the phone to transferring data or granting access or paying for a ticket.
This is a central issue for ubiquitous computing where computation is embedded, often invisibly into the environment. Knowing what kinds of fields are available (wifi, Bluetooth, rfid, etc) and knowing what kinds of functions, applications or services they offer may be a central usability problem in the near future. Can we design systems that let us know when we are in a particular kind of field, what we might do in those fields and what information we give up to them?
The project should look at the previous work of Dunne & Raby, particularly ‘Hertzian Tales’, as well as the research work on ‘seamful’ interactions by Chalmers et al.

This is the brief as we were given it. Following are some initial concepts. I will attempt to visualise them, and post them as I proceed..

1. Measure and display.
– on clothes, architecture or on/under the skin
magic powder
mutant digital representators
cuckoo clock
2. Trap tool.
3. On/off switch. Distraction tool.
4. Free space. Protection shelter or artefact.
5. Mobile phone as comunicator between you and the big invisible.
– welcoming message
– multiple antenna icons


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