1. Measure and display

An equipment or device that allows the user to “scan” the local environment for levels of electromagnetism.

..hmm, doesn’t that feel like.. Ah, just as I thought! And off it goes again..

Clothing that is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, and reacts by changing colour.
..as a subtle replacement for alarms..

Yes dear, it means that an alarm has gone off,and that the building is being evacuated..

Architectural display

Actual em bubbles, invisible to the naked eye. Reactive panelling on the building surface, displaying em presence.

Skin as display

As we increasingly fill our environment with electromagnetic fields of various sizes, strengths and frequencies, we may be tampering with the natural human habitat. As we are creating a landscape of radio, a twin virual reality, we may need to adapt our bodies to a greater degree than previously imagined.
This idea suggests the implant of an additional sense to spot em, since relying on our current 5 senses may prove insufficient in the future.


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