1. contd – Measure and Display

1.b Another way of detection electromagnetic presence could be with ‘magic powder’. Throw it up in the air, and it will react to active fields by sparkling or changing colour.



The electromagnetism detecting powder could be presented eighter as “Precious Magic Powder” (above) or as “Domestic Electrosmog Detergent” (below).


If my project were looking at negative feelings and aspects of electromagnetic radiation and presence, the reaction resulting from spraying or throwing powder into the air should probably have a scarier look to it than white fairytalish sparkles. I was adviced to look at geological patterns for inspiration.



1.c One could imagine the gradual appearance of mutant digital species, as a result of our increasingly electronc atmosphere. They would naturally thrive in the areas of strong radiation, which with their mere presence they would also reveal.


Another idea including pigeons came up during a little workshop with Una, Katarina and Sara; neckbands could be attach to live pigeons that would tighten at electromagnetic presence. This would have the exact opposite effect of the above, and birds thus would be a sign of electrofree, clean space.

1.d Cuckoo Clock – Not telling the time, but the strength of electromagnetism in the air.1b-mea-dis-6-clock-and-paper.jpg


Common household objects that measure and display

  • clock, cuckoo clock
  • weather forecasts in the paper
  • thermometer
  • el metre
  • barometre
  • measuring cup for cooking
  • weigth, kitchen and bath
  • (speedometre – in the car)


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  1. DJ in Oslo Says:

    Hey, what’s with that pigeon on my screen??

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