2. Trap or neutralise

Tool that allows for the (illusion of) ’trapping’ or ‘collecting’ the invisible bubbles.

I chose to let an oversized magnet represent one of the versions of the trap tool. I could have given it the shape of a “machine that does this”, and now I have instead given it an initial representation through a familiar object.

Whatever the tool will end up looking like (most likely not a magnet) I imagine it appearing in different sizes appropriate to various areas of use, i.e. a smaller one to protect your workspace.

Another example of a common domestic utensil with a strong pulling power.

Neutralising rather than trapping, this gramophone-shaped device sends our inverse electromagnetic waves. The areas where the two opposite sets of waves cross will neutralise and thus empty. (The choise of gramophone to illustrate this is potentially be misleading. The thought behind is of a small powerful machinery producing concentrated radiation and spraying it about through the funnel. I could have used a garden hose or a loudspeaker too.)

Not wanting to get in trouble with the neighbour (and their communication fields) the owner should adjust the device to comprise only his or her
privat sphere.

The device could be set to cover even smaller areas, for use in hotels for example. But would your sleep improve surrounded by twice as much radiation, or will it be better to just shield it off in the first place?


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