Tutorial on Tuesday the 22nd of May

On Tuesday I was working on 5 more or less interlinked concepts;

Mobile Phone Application

Description: Application for mobile phones displaying varying degrees of presence of different bubbles, represented with one antenna icon and corresponding reception bars. Mobile phone as a compass, to navigate through invisible fields.
Intention: Visualise the invisible bubbles. Make people aware of ‘what they’re going through’.
: Interactive, making use of the phone as communicator (oracle/ medium) between user and the invisible fields.

Bad: Will people be interested in this application? It’s almost like a screen saver or a game; people would actively have to go into it, and would they? Would it make people wiser about their invisible surroundings?
Ugly: will involve a considerable amount of Flash, something I’m less than good at..

Bubble Flora

This idea developped during the process of trying to get an overview of the bubbles for the moblie application.

Description: Old fashioned encyclopaedia containing all the electromagnetic bubbles.
Intention: To obtain a clear, tangible and visually pleasing overview of the invisible components in the landscape of radio.
Good: Hands on about something completely untangible. Old fashioned about something new.
Bad: It is only gathering information that’s already there. Nothing new. Will not have time to make sure all the information is correct. Not particularly interactive.
Ugly: The internet contains an endless amount of information. It’s a huge job. Should be bound properly, as a book.

Umbrella – for Electromagnetic Walks in the Park

Description: an umbrella that translates electromagnetic fields into sound. Sensors on the top surface register em waves and the sound output is played ‘inside’ the umbrella.
Intention: Be more comfortable, at ease with the bubbles. Beware that they are there. The sound played should reflect their nature, i.e. classical music for good natured/ ‘nice’ bubbles. Create an interactive experience.
Good: Creates an intimate, personal conversation between you and the electromagnetic bubble(s) you’re currently in. Allows you to explore your familiar surroundings in a new way. Explore the invisible twin landscape around you.
Bad: Will have to be a fake model, if at all. Other than creating an experience and letting the user know what the fields sound like, will there be anything more to it?
Ugly: Is it another art installation? Do we need that, and does Touch need it? If building, it needs to get going very soon!

EM sugestive patterns

This concept derives from the umbrella idea, where the top surface sensors (copper coil antennas) could the shaped and pattern’ed for added aesthetics, meaning and experience. May only be prints.

Indicating the presence of a particular bubble, i.e. on wallpaper in a cafe, print on pavement, tiles in a piazza/ public space. Patterns inspired by the communication technology. Pattern describing bubble ‘identity’.
b) Pattern indicating danger, function, action. Could be used for example in a bag lined with RFID hacker/ bluesnarfing proof fabric, or as part of the anti-em home kit, on an apron. Communicating i.e. safety, protection from – or presence of technology.
Good: Subtle indicator. Information integrated in decoration. Good potential for additional/ alternative/ hidden messages.
Bad: Only a flat pattern, turning from bubbles into graphic design..

Make hand drawings!

Domestic Electromagnetic Detergent

Description: create your own ‘negative’ bubble, shielding your home off from the otherwise nearly saturated environment we live in. Either only visualise, or deter. Scare away, dissolve, neutralise, block out, trap, fool, make it oversee you, hide.
Intention: Claming? Actually blocking? Taking the mickey out of sceptics? Artistic installation?
Good: Familiar, domestic, something people have references to, know how to use, know what does. Down to earth solution.
Bad: Very little knowledge on actual effect of suggested solutions/ technology. All will be the creating of my imagination.

How to present it.. Labels on existing packaging? New packaging? 3D rendering? Nicely designed packaging, ‘scientific’ description of effect, and ‘mode d’emploi’ / user manual.


If more than one of the above is chosen, then they should share a ‘red thread’. It will be important that they belong in the same family/ concept/ project. Whereas the first four aim to visualise and increase awareness about the so-called bubbles, the last one looks more towards how to actively go against, remove or control them. Concept 5 goes for now.

I will concentrate on the Flora and the Patterns for now, and try to implement them in the Mobile Phone App. and the Umbrella, but also look at alternative areas of use. One could for example imagine them interlinked through the use of common patterns, names etc. We are surrounded by a lot of ‘bubbles’ all the time, so while their marking should be seamful (visible if desired), it should also be subtle and unobtrusive.


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