When I presented my project at the Museums of Technology and Telecommunications (the latter located inside the former), the week before last, I quickly ran the audience through the process, the bubbles and then tried to reflect a bit on why this project has had such great appeal.

Timo Arnall who was my tutor at the time of the making, and whose well-spokenness I much admire, wrote in his blog:
“This project explored radio in a unique way. Ingeborg has created visual expressions of radio that are immediately accessible and beautiful. Although their usefulness is harder to define they have provided us with many opportunities to discuss and reflect on these intangible technologies.”

I am pleased, of course, that my bubbles have indeed proved to be ‘immediately accessible’ to the extent they have, but I still believe there is more to be done when it comes to the potential for discussion and reflection. During an “Electromagnetic Week” at the Museum of  Telecommunications, kids workshops will be held, where I hope to trigger children to reflect and have them draw out for themselves what they think wireless communication looks like.


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